Architectural Glass is a kind of high-strength material, made of normal glass that is heated to nearly softening point and then cooling it down rapidly by air as many times as before. This process can improve the overall mechanical strength of glass and results in good heat stability. The high-tempered facade is safety glass. 

The aesthetic, technical and energy properties of GMG glass make its scope of applications practically unlimited: from external glazing to interior decoration and industrial uses. With the richness of the ranges, architects and interior designers alike will find a material that gives shape to their creative inspiration and tames light, while assuring comfort for the building occupants and actively protecting the environment. 

Solar control glass includes a special covering that helps lessening the heat entering houses. This sort of glass can retain and reflect heat and help reduce the requirement for air-conditioning. Thus, your home stays bright and cooler than with ordinary glass. 
Solar control glass is not coloured, even though such finishes can be made for beautifying reasons, whenever desired. 

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