It is a type of safety glass that has been manufactured by tempering it by thermal or chemical treatment to increase its strength compared to ordinary glass. Tempering leads to the pressure of the outer surfaces and makes the interior during tension , and this stress causes when the glass is broken to shatter into small granular pieces instead of being divided into large fragments as happens to normal annealed glass. Thus, tempered glass becomes completely safe for people, because when the glass is broken, it turns into small pieces with blunt edges that cannot harm anyone. Tempered glass is used in the manufacture of glass  doors , oven led , office partitions, stair railings, shop windows, bathrooms, curtains, architecture.

Another benefit of tempered glass (securit) is the ability to withstand  heat (470 degrees Fahrenheit). This makes tempered glass a great solution for situations where there is a risk of glass breaking due to shock or heat. 

The high temperature that the glass is exposed to enhances and changes its properties positively, and the resistance of the tempered glass (securit) becomes 10 times stronger than that of ordinary (raw) glass. 

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